Which Color of Mulch Should I Choose Which Color of Mulch Should I Choose
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Which Color of Mulch Should I Choose?

Which color of Mulch should I choose?


Article By Dalton Quigley September 21, 2012

With all of the different options available which
color will make your landscape look its best.

When a client calls about mulching I ask them which mulch
do they want to use? I bet one fourth of the clients say
" which one is best? " or " which color looks best? ".
So this always leads me to ask about their priorities because
each mulch has different qualities. When considering color
there is one that truely stands out. Lets take a look at some
of the differences in color.

Black Hardwood Mulch Choice
Black Hardwood Mulch Choice

Colorful mulch attracts the eye and can compliment the landscape, contrast,
or just fade into not being noticed at all.Brown Hardwood is a perfect example.

Brown Hardwood mulch has really great qualities like insulating the roots from outside changes in temperature, holds moisture in longer, and is a great weed barrier. When cost is a factor brown mulch is a winner as being one of the more affordable however it is one of the least noticed and seems to fade into the back ground. Another
mulch that has good qualities and is similar in color is Pine Straw.

Brown Hardwood Mulch ChoiceBrown Hardwood Mulch Choice

Pine Straw mulch comes in bails and is just as it sounds pine needles from
pine trees. Most pine needles used for mulch are harvested and shipped into
state here in Tennessee. Pine needles have an awesome quality that no other
mulch has and that is it breaks down acidic which makes acid loving plants
very happy and beautiful. Pine Straw is also one of the mulches that lack
a colorful snap to them but is also one of the more affordable. Pine comes in
other forms like nuggets of bark.

Pine Straw Mulch ChoicePine Straw Bails for Mulching Choice

Pine Bark Nuggets come in bags and are shipped in state from other places.
Pine bark has some black in the color mix and this adds a little more contrast
with your plants making it have a little benefit of making your plants seem
to stand out more. Pine nuggets are also one of the affordable mulches. Bright colored
mulches are available too.

Red mulch is hardwood chips that have been dyed red. Red mulch adds alot of brightness to the landscape and the plants seem to fade into the background because red is the color of danger and makes the mind feel stressed. If you are looking to have a color in your landscape that makes people look then red is your color. The red mulch seems to look unattractive faster because any change in the brightness of the red is easily noticed since it is so eyecatching. Eyecatching and classy is our last mulch we will mention which is Black.

Black hardwood mulch is very attractive because of Black mulches ability to absorb
light and this makes a contrast with your plants. No matter the color of your home
black mulch will add an extra pop. Another benefit is weed control properties, it seems
that some black mulch products have charcoal in them which adds to the black color
and can help in preventing some weeds from germinating. Some black mulches get their
color from dyes and may not have the same effect.

With all of the options how does a person choose the best mulch when concerned with
how the color of the mulch will look in the landscape? Brown hardwood is affordable
and will be a little dull colored, Pine straw provides acid but is also dull colored, Pine Bark adds some pop, Red mulch is overboard with brightness, and black mulch will absorb light making a great contrast with your plants. For looks the Black Hardwood mulch will give you the look you are going for when color is a priority. Now go get some Black hardwood mulch so your landscape will look great.

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